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Customer Spotlight: Brandon Gillispie - Finding Joy in Gluten Free Desserts

In a world filled with delicious desserts, those with celiac disease often find themselves navigating a landscape of limited options. However, for Brandon Gillispie and his family, a visit to their favorite dessert spot isn't just about satisfying a sweet tooth; it's about enjoying a sense of inclusivity and joy that transcends dietary restrictions.

Brandon, a high school student at Heritage High School, was diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition that requires strict adherence to a gluten-free diet. Fortunately, his journey took a sweet turn when his family discovered a local dessert shop that could accommodate his dietary needs.

Brandon says, “This is the absolute best place to go to hang out with family and have dessert. I have celiac disease and they are able to accommodate me so well. Staff is amazing and very kind hearted. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!”

Kristen, Brandon's mom, had many questions about Cravin’ Confections gluten-free options and preparation methods. Little did they know that these inquiries would lead to a warm and supportive relationship with the owner and staff.

Kristen says, “My son is Celiac and we love the GF options here! They are so accommodating for GF! The variety rotates so there is always something new to try! You can call to order additional items or call ahead so they put more in the oven before you arrive. Highly recommend! Great staff and nice small business!”

As Brandon and his family continued to frequent the establishment, their bond with the dessert spot grew stronger. From macarons to chocolate chip cookies, there was always something delicious waiting for him.

Beyond the desserts themselves, Cravin’ Confections went above and beyond to ensure Brandon's safety and comfort. Whether it was accommodating special requests during live music events (meat and cheese platters featuring gluten-free meats for Brandon, accompanied by crackers and pretzels) or providing a variety of gluten-free options that rotated monthly, they made sure Brandon felt welcomed and valued with every visit.

Brandon's story even reached the ears of his doctor at Duke, who shared his journey on a podcast. 

For Brandon and his family, the dessert spot isn't just a place to satisfy a craving—it's a sanctuary where they can indulge in the simple joy of sharing delicious treats together, free from the constraints of celiac disease. It's a testament to the transformative power of kindness and understanding in making every dining experience a memorable one.

Cravin’ Confections Dessert Bar is happy to offer a variety of gluten-free desserts available every day we’re open, including gluten-free cakes, creme brulee, flourless torte (also dairy-free), macarons, and cookies.

Note: Brandon’s parents have given Cravin’ Confections permission to share his story with our community. 

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